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• 2/4/2019

A wiki only for songs

A few weeks back i made a suggestion to the founder of the wiki to delete all song pages and add them to a wiki that focuses only on songs, while this wiki would focus on other information like the voicebanks, the companies, the producers, etc. and then have the two wikis link to each other when needed. (I'll touch upon what else was said on that thread)

That would help this wiki to stay focused on collecting information about the voicebanks and the engine, as well as the events surrinding both of them. And it would help the other wiki to stay focused on covering as many songs as possible which is how also a big part of the fandom.

If you have a hard time understanding it, imagine the Vocaloid wiki and the V-Lyrics wiki but they depend on each other a bit more.

Anyways, the founder said yes so it will happen sometime in the future. Now, when that will happen is not known right now but, still, i thought i should say it before more song pages start popping up. That being said, because i don't know when that transition will happen feel free to use your sandboxes to make song pages there.

Please do not mark anything for deletion.

Now, i said on that thread that i don't have time to edit and it's true. That's mostly because of school but since there is always some pressure on the finals it's also because of stress. I also have an awful sense of time and am always paranoid about what time it is because i have classes and i can't be late to them.

My sense of time is so awful that while i was writting this, i had pizza in the oven that i had to take out in 30 minutes and i had a 5 minute song replaying in the background basically counting time for me, the sixth time i hear the song repeat i have to take the pizza out. I burned the pizza. That's fine, i can make something else but i don't think my teacher would like it if i was an hour-or-so late for class because i was making edits on a website.

I will be able to focus on the wiki a bit more around the end of summer and i'll try to put sometime on the wiki when ever i get the chance. The good thing, however, is that there aren't a lot of people visiting the wiki right now so i can keep up with everything much more easily.

With all that being said, i apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused and i apologise for making it this long.

(If you did, thank you for reading all the way through.)

Vocaloid Wiki
Vocaloid Wiki @getfandom
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• 11/5/2018

I see no reason to have more than one Synth V wiki

Hey! I'm posting this on both wikis. I think having more than one wiki for Synth V is confusing and unneeded. This wiki is currently the most complete right now. So I'm proposing that this wiki and the other join together as one. With this one as the main wiki, and move over any info the other one has that this one might not have. Anyone agree? Here is the other Synth V wiki I'm referencing.

EDIT: For some reason, posting discussions on the other wiki is not working.

EDIT AGAIN: Just realized that the founder of this wiki already knows about this... Hehe. Guess I look like a goof now, huh? XD

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