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AUDIOLOGIE Co., Ltd. is a virtual vocalist production company based in the United States, specialising in the production of voice databases for Synthesizer V Studio in association with Dreamtonics and through VOLOR will plan to distribute databases through their ANiCUTE online store. Their first vocal ANRI is currently being developed for Synthesizer V AI. Plans for other character vocals for production and release are in consideration after ANRI's release as well as additional databases for ANRI. AUDIOLOGIE also plans to explore databases for other languages than English.[1][2]

Key people[]

Gelgja Twitter Profile Picture.jpg Gelgja is the official Project Manager for AUDIOLOGIE Co., Ltd.
Crusher Twitter Profile Picture.png Cien Miller, also known by her producer name, Crusher is an American song-writer, singer, producer, and illustrator. She was confirmed to be a part of the "AUDIOLOGIE Team"[3]
Astro.jpg Astro is an official audio engineer and developer for AUDIOLOGIE Co., Ltd.
Aria.jpg ARIA is an official member of AUDIOLOGIE Co., Ltd.
Feijo.jpg Feijo is an official developer for AUDIOLOGIE Co., Ltd.

Voice Databases[]

Synthesizer V AI[]

Voice databases developed by AUDIOLOGIE Co., Ltd.

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