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AiKO (艾可) is a Mandarin Chinese vocal developed and distributed by VOLOR, and was released in December 2018 for the first Synthesizer V engine. She was initially introduced as the mascot of Animen and became the first Mandarin Chinese voice database to be released for public use.[1]

AiKO received an update to the Synthesizer V Studio engine as a Standard voice database in July 2020.

Her voice provider is Liang Xiao Miao, a Taiwanese voice actress and model.


AiKO is enthusiastic about everything. Although she can be occasionally careless, she won't feel down when trouble comes, and she's happy to make a little progress every day. She is a hard worker and likes to wear her work clothes.

Her headwear, headphones, and bow hold magical power. It is said that her headphones can hear every sound in this world.[2]

She is listed as an Aries.


"Aiko" is a common Japanese name meaning "beloved child". Her name was chosen by fans based on a survey.[3] AiKO's name is rendered in Kana as "アイコ".[4]


She has four main attires: maid, digital, "preach" (missionary), and performer.

The headwear in general has a dip pen inspired design. Her main, "preach", and performer headwears are be able to hold a lot of data, has Wi-Fi and optical fibres inside, and a USB can also be inserted into them. The headwear of the digital attire has a wider range, can search for bugs, and send stronger signals.

The bow on her maid and performer attires has an "A" on it to represent Animen. The "A" also exists on her digital attire, but it has a small terminal database and core processor, and it can control the whole attire.

Her theme color is #FDD000, which is the same theme as Animen's official corporate color. She has blonde hair and green eyes.

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Aiko mmd banner.png
3D model by Tomitake & LAM

AiKO was known to be a mascot for Animen and had existed since 2012.[5] Since then, she was used in various promotional events including comics, animations, contests, music, merchandise and other forms of media.[6][7][8][9] During her time as a Synthesizer V vocal, AiKO received an official charm that was sold on Beijing Photek S&T Development Co., Ltd.'s Taobao shop. This is no longer being sold.

As of December 6, 2021, works featuring AiKO, Eleanor Forte, and GENBU were accepted on Piapro, a well-known Japanese center of the VOCALOID, and extensively, voice synthesizer community.[10]


AiKO's character status
AiKO met with well-received reception especially among Taiwanese fans. Her character design and voice were regarded to be cute.


AiKO was originally a mascot for Animen which allowed for any existing fans to support her Synthesizer V release in addition to gaining new ones. Due to her having a commercial release, her usages were only limited to those who purchased her, unlike the other VOLOR voice databases before her. She would not become easily accessible to users until her Synthesizer V Studio Standard voice database released in July 2020 on the ANiCUTE store in addition to a free-to-use Lite version which was ideal for trialing.

The first original song to reach 1 million views featuring AiKO was "Dàn Bǐng Hǎo Péngyǒu zhī Gē" by NiceChord, which occurred on April 29, 2022.

  • First Mandarin Chinese Synthesizer V voice database to be released.
  • First female Mandarin Chinese voice database to be released.
  • First Mandarin Chinese voice database from VOLOR.
  • First female Mandarin Chinese voice database from VOLOR.
  • First commercially released voice database.
  • First non-synthesizer character to become a Synthesizer V.
  • One of the first Standard Lite voice databases to be released.
  • One of the first Mandarin Chinese Standard Lite voice databases to be released.
  • One of the first female Standard Lite voice databases to be released.


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