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This article is about the Synthesizer V software known as a voice database. If you are looking for the Synthesizer V character then click here.


AiKO was introduced as the mascot of Animen and made her debut in 2012.[1] Since then, she received many promotions and merchandise, including the choosing of her name through a 2012 survey. Liang Xiao Miao was her voice actress for many years and a single for AiKO was released even prior to her Synthesizer V debut.

For Synthesizer V, AiKO was first demonstrated by Umine Kyo in a cover of "好想你 (I Miss You)" by Joyce Chu on December 7, 2018. She was said to be sweet, natural, and not difficult to use. Another cover was uploaded to bilibili on December 16. This time, it was "梦境小偷 (Dream Thief)", which originally featured Hatsune Miku.

While she was not included in the "Synthesizer V Production Release" on December 24, it was announced that she would be released shortly. This was later revealed to be December 28.[2]

AiKO was released alongside the license for Synthesizer V on Animen's web shop, ANiCUTE, on the intended date. She was also available at a 30% discount at the time.[3] Physical copies were also made available on Quadimension's Taobao shop for users in Mainland China.

On January 8, 2019 a demo song called "Something New" was uploaded. It featured Eleanor Forte as the main vocal and AiKO as backing vocals. The whole song was in English.


AiKO's Synthesizer V voice database was retired upon release of Synthesizer V Studio and was replaced with one that was compatible with the engine in July 2020.

Voice Database Information[]



好想你 (Hǎo Xiǎng Nǐ) YouTube bilibili
梦境小偷 (Mèngjìng Xiǎotōu) bilibili
Something New ft. Eleanor Forte YouTube
与你的2次元旅行 (Yǔ Nǐ de 2 Cìyuán Lǚxíng) YouTube bilibili

Voice Databases[]

Product Information
  Tempo: 60 ~ 160 BPM[4]  Range: E3 ~ F5

Package details as noted:
AiKO is a youthful female Mandarin Chinese voice database with a Taiwanese accent.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • AiKO has a cute tone of voice.
  • According to Umine Kyo, her demo producer, AiKO was said to have a sweet and natural sounding voice. He also noted that she wasn't very difficult to use.

Software issues as noted:
On December 28, 2018, a thread was made by Kanru Hua on the official Synthesizer V Forum for users to report pronunciation problems. All voice databases were mentioned at least once.

System requirements as noted:

Minimum Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core processor or AMD equivalents
  • Memory: 1 GB or more
  • Operating System:
    • Microsoft Windows 7 or above (32/64 bit)
    • Ubuntu 16.04 or above (64 bit)
    • MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or above
  • Disk Space: 500 MB (with one voice database installed)

License agreements as noted:

Voice database sample