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NebulousViper NebulousViper 28 November 2021

Synthesizer V Solfege Contributions

For anyone who wants to contribute Solfège (Do Re Mi) samples:

  • VSQx download is here:
  • Cracked/illegal versions are absolutely NOT ALLOWED as this would be a violation of FANDOM's ToS.
  • For masculine voice databases, please lower the default notes to one octave. Otherwise, this would have them sing in their upper ranges and might not showcase them at their best.
  • Please have them rendered in .ogg format. FANDOM only takes audio files in this format
  • Please have the file name rendered as: "CharacterName_VoiceType(Std/AI/R1).ogg". Examples would be "Eleanor Forte AI.ogg" or "Muxin Standard.ogg" or "Yamine Renri R1.ogg"
  • When providing summary for the file, please provide the following information (for example, see GENBU R1's summary or Eleanor Forte AI…
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NebulousViper NebulousViper 1 April 2020

Things to do or consider

Seeing as I'm the only active admin on this wiki, this is just a list of things that needs to be addressed or worked on.

  • Interwiki integration
  • Proofread remaining character pages
  • Clean up the character pages and consider a split for the software (see Vocaloid wiki); Chiyu's SVR2 information
  • Ver 1 and SVR2 pages?????
  • Voice provider page and information
  • Album pages (See User:Aihavenoideawhatsoever/sandbox) - Moved to SV Lyrics wiki
  • Producer pages (See User:Aihavenoideawhatsoever/sandbox) - Moved to SV Lyrics wiki
  • Clean up song box template? - Moved to SV Lyrics wiki
  • Clean up voicebank template? / Consider subpages
  • Take a look at voicebank page
  • Look at other synth page - Deleted
  • Look for more admins
  • Refer to User blog:Aihavenoideawhatsoever/To do\WIP list

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Aihavenoideawhatsoever Aihavenoideawhatsoever 27 November 2019

To do\WIP list


  • Main categories template (unfortunatly all icons are images... If someone can make a round protrait template i'll be really happy)

To do list

  • Make image linceses (actually have no clue how to do that but i'll try to see if i can find a way)
  • Find producers (lol)
  • Find info about companies (dreamtonics, volor, etc.) (lol)
  • Un-Sandbox the SynthV page and write about it's core functions (and hope that someone can someday actually write what they do and how good they are)
  • Just un-sandbox everything because i don't get why it was sandboxed in the first place
  • Make Synth V web page (and cry)
  • Put papers on every characters page (These should take about a day or two to make)

  • Make the "Reaction" part a template because wiki code is lovely

WIP list

  • Finish …

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EarthlingnAkumi EarthlingnAkumi 19 July 2019

Redirected URL

Hello, Synth V Wiki editors!

Today I'd like to announce that (previously a separate Synthesizer V wiki has been redirected to here! That means that if you got here from this link, welcome! Both wikis have been merged in order to prevent the confusion of 2 wikis.

As you may know, this is something that has been planned for a while, however it just got done last night. A lot of updating to policies and more integration with the lyrics wiki is ahead, so keep your eyes peeled for that! A lot of revamps will be made to this wiki and I can safely say that I will be more active here.

Goodbye for now!

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