Eleanor Forte is an American English voicebank[3]for the Synthesizer V software. She was initially released on August 18, 2018.



Despite being a virtual singer, Eleanor has an interest in antiques. She is described to be honest, endeavoring, and to have an unwavering sense of morality.


Her first name, "Eleanor", means light, and was the name of lot of royalties from the midievel period. Her last name, "Forte", means strength, and references the musical dynamic, f (forte), which is used to represent a degree of loudness in music.


The sealing wax and tied ribbon on the design are inspired by hand-written letters. The thread around her pinky is inpisred by the red thread of fate, that indicates that if two people are connected by a red thread they are destined to meet each other. Her dress is inspired by dip-pens.

In an interview with Vocaloid, because Eleanor's voice used to be more mature and have a larger head-to-body ratio, Kanru said that he was afraid that her design wouldn't fit her voice. However Kanru modified the voice to fit the design more in early August and was relieved that, after the modification to her voice, the design and voice matched.


2017 Edit

In November, a demo showcasing SynthV was uploaded to YouTube. One of the songs shown included ENG-F1, singing a Lana Del Rey song.

2018 Edit

A demo created by kyaami was uploaded to YouTube and SoundCloud.


In January 8, 2019 a demo song called "Something New" was uploaded. It featured Eleanor Forte as the main vocal and AiKO as backing vocals. The whole song was in English.

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Product Information
  Genre: Unknown  Tempo: Unknown  Range: Unknown
Basic details
A preview of Eleanor is provided on the Synthesizer V website:
Software issues as noted:
  1. Despite being descripted as being "American English"[4], Eleanor shows hints of a British accent. Such as pronouncing the intrusive r[5], which is a characteristic of GB English, and pronouncing "t" like "ch", which is a common way to pronounce "t" in British.
  2. It can sometimes feel like she is speaking the lyrics instead of singing. That can fixed by lowering her tension a bit.
  3. On December 28th, 2018, a thread was made by Kanru on the Official Synthesizer V Forum for user to report pronounciation problems. Eleanor Forte, Yamine Renri, Genbu, AiKO, and Chiyu got mentioned.

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Eleanor Forte's character status
  • One of the first Synthesizer V voicebanks to be revealed.
  • First Synthesizer V voicebank to be released overall.
  • First English voicebank to be released.
  • First female voicebank to be released.
  • First 1st party voicebank to be released.
  • First Synthesizer V voicebank to get an avatar.
  • First Synthesizer V voicebank to get a name, other than her codename.


  1. In an interview with Vocaloid Kanru said that a contract was signed with the VP to prevent disclosure of any personal information. Please read the interview for more information.
  2. Eleanor Forte does NOT, and will probably never, have more biological info other than being female, having white long hair, and green eyes
  3. In the Unveiling Synthesizer V, the New Virtual Singer Software video, Eleanor Forte (then ENG-F1) is described as "American English, Female"
  4. See reference 2
  5. The Rocean (Youtube)

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