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This article is about the Synthesizer V software known as a voice database. If you are looking for the Synthesizer V character then click here.


In November 2017, a tech demo showcasing SynthV was uploaded to YouTube. One of the songs shown included ENG-F1 singing a Lana Del Rey song.

A demo created by cillia was uploaded to YouTube and SoundCloud on June 16, 2018. The voice database was later made available for public use on August 18, and was introduced as "Eleanor Forte", who was actively managed and updated by VOLOR, a subdivision of the parent company, Animen, who gave ENG-F1 a character concept after purchasing her rights.[1] She was the first voice database available for Synthesizer V, which released the next day on August 19.[2][3]

In an interview with VNN (, due to the fact that Eleanor's voice was more mature despite having a larger head-to-body ratio, Kanru Hua said that he was afraid that her design wouldn't fit her voice. However, he modified the voice to fit the design more in early August and was relieved that, after the modifications, the design and voice matched.[4]

On January 8, 2019, a demo song called "Something New" was uploaded. It featured Eleanor as the main vocal and AiKO as backing vocals. The whole song was in English.


Eleanor's Synthesizer V voice database was retired after the release of Synthesizer V Studio in July 2020 and was replaced with a Lite version of her Standard voice database. A full Standard voice database is currently still in development, while an AI database was released on December 6, 2021.

Voice Database Information[]



Young and Beautiful YouTube bilibili SoundCloud
SILENCE Niconico YouTube bilibili
Something New ft. AiKO YouTube

Voice Databases[]

Product Information
Package details as noted:
This is a young feminine voice database that was initially created as a tech demo for the Synthesizer V engine. The voice database was known as ENG-F1 during this period until she was released as Eleanor Forte in August 2018.

Vocal traits as noted:
Eleanor is an English voice database with an American accent. She did not include any sub-libraries.

Phonetic notes as noted:
Phonetic symbol set: ARPABET

Software issues as noted:
  • Despite being described as "American English"[5], Eleanor shows hints of a British accent, such as pronouncing the intrusive r[6], which is a characteristic of GB English, and pronouncing "t" like "ch", which is a common way to pronounce "t" in British.
  • It can sometimes sound like she is speaking the lyrics instead of singing. That can be fixed by lowering her tension a bit.
  • On December 28, 2018, a thread was made by Kanru Hua on the official Synthesizer V Forum for users to report pronunciation problems. All voice databases were mentioned at least once.
  • Eleanor is known for her mispronunciations. One of the most notable examples would be her mispronunciation of "Eleanor" (eh l ah n ao r) as "Eleenor" (eh l iy n er).

License agreements as noted:

Article 2: User license

Natural person users can use the synthesized voice generated by or role copyright image included in this product under non-commercial or commercial situations for activities, creation, work spreading, publication, etc.

If the natural person users apply the synthesized voice generated by or role copyright image included in this product for commercial purpose, and the situation involves more than USD 1,000, Or if the user is Corporation or legal entity, the obligation to notify AnimenJP will occur. AnimenJP will sign additional User License Agreement with such users according to the users’ use purpose (licensing fees might be produced according to the agreement situations).

Contact e-mail: for more information.

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