Genbu (ゲンブ) is a male Japanese voicebank for the SynthV software.


His voice is supposed to represent his personality: calm, soothing, and somewhat weak.

His name, "ゲンブ (genbu)", means black tortoise, which in Japanese mythology is one of the four guardian spirits of Kyoto, and is one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellations, which are said to be four mythological creatures appearing among the Chinese constellations along the ecliptic, and viewed as the guardians of the four cardinal directions.

While "genbu" is written as "玄武" in both Japanese and Chinese, the Chinese pronunciation is Xuanwu.


He may seem a bit straightforward, to the point of being called rude, however he cares about the people around him.


His attire is inspired by traditional Japanese clothes. The pattern on his left shoulder could be a reference to his name.



In December 23, 2018 his voice and design were revealed.


In January 15, 2019 Genbu received an update to his vocal.[2][3]

A cover was released on April 20, 2019 showcasing his new voicebank. Depsite this cover not being official it was done with permission.

Voicebank Information

Voicebank Libraries

Product Information
  Genre: Unknown  Tempo: Unknown  Range: Unknown
Basic details
The voicebank is still in development. The version that is released is still a demo.
Software issues as noted:
  1. On December 28th, 2018, a thread was made by Kanru Hua on the official Synthesizer V Forum for users to report pronunciation problems. All voicebanks were mentioned at least once.

Additional Information


GENBU's character status
  • First male SynthesizerV voicebank to be released.
  • First 1st party Japanese voicebank to be released.
  • First male Japanese voicebank to be released.


  1. In an interview with Vocaloid Kanru said that a contract was signed with Eleanor Forte's VP to prevent disclosure of any personal information. Considering the fact that Genbu is original to Synth V, unlike AiKO and Yamine Renri, it is assumed that a similar contarct was signed with Genbu's VP as well. Please read the interview for more information.


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