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This article is about the Synthesizer V Studio software known as a voice database. If you are looking for the Synthesizer V character then click here.



In January 2020, Ddickky confirmed that he learned about the second generation of the Synthesizer V engine in mid-2019. He wrote that it was in the works and was expected to be ready by the end of 2019, but it was pushed to around February or March 2020. He confirmed that Haiyi was the last to release for the first engine and that the next voice database would release for the new one. In addition, he had plans to gradually update each of Beijing Photek's first engine voice databases, and depending on the development costs, users who owned any of the four vocals would be able to receive the update for free or for a low price.[1]

On June 26, 2020, it was announced that Haiyi and the other released members of MEDIUM⁵ would receive a ported update to Synthesizer V Studio. These would be released on July 10. Users who already owned Synthesizer V and/or the original MEDIUM⁵ vocals received a special discount.[2]


On December 23, 2021, it was announced that Haiyi, Chiyu, Shian, Cangqiong, Muxin, and Minus were expected to be upgraded with AI voice databases and would be able to support Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and English (in correspondence to the Synthesizer V Studio 1.5.0's Cross-lingual Synthesis capabilities). It was clarified that the AI versions were trained by the Standard voice databases, and were not meant to be replacements for Standard nor would the update be available directly via the editor. As a separate type of voice database, the new libraries would need to be repacked in new installation packages, which required separate activation codes.

Ddickky commented that because Christmas was approaching and that Dreamtonics Co., Ltd. would be on holiday, it was thought that the voice databases could all be shipped on December 23 at 17:00 to directly align with the 1.5.0 engine update; however, he found this to be wrong. After Dreamtonics finished packaging the AI libraries, the activation codes were planned to be distributed by the Taobao agent, where users were to approach them, have their proof of purchase verified, and a new AI code would be sent. This was an entirely manual process and would have been done one by one. In addition, considerable time would have been needed to complete all six packages, so only one of them would have been finished on the 23rd, while the others would be finished later on.[3][4] The upgrades would be distributed to existing users for free and prices would be raised for new buyers soon due to the new inclusions.[5]

Later on, Quadimension commented that the release of the six AI voice databases was canceled for December 23 due to a lack of confidence about their performance as rushed products. A limited beta-testing would run first. The voice databases would be released after their performances were proven satisfactory. By then, Quadimension hoped to find an efficient way to distribute the AI activation codes.[6]

According to Creuzer, one of the beta testers, Cangqiong AI was the only beta voice database out of the six that was available at the time. Haiyi AI's beta was expected to be on the way.[7] On December 30, the voice databases were officially called "Synthesizer V Plus".[8]

Voice Database Information[]


Synthesizer V Studio Standard[]


樂園-Atlantis- (Lèyuán -Atlantis-) bilibili
绮云泽 (Qǐ Yún Zé) ft. Xingchen Infinity bilibili
STOP bilibili

Synthesizer V Plus[]

Information pending.

Voice Databases[]

Product Information
  Pitch Group: C4/E4/A4/A4F(Falsetto)[9]

  Lite Version Available?: No  Starter Pack Available?: No  Web Version Available?: No

Package details as noted:
Haiyi retains around the same sound as her original Synthesizer V release. According to Dreamtonics, her voice is noted to be clear.[10]

Phonetic notes as noted:
Phoneme format: Xsampa

Voice database sample

Haiyi Standard Solfège:

A preview of Haiyi's Synthesizer V Studio Standard voice database (provided by the Dreamtonics website):

Product Information
Package details as noted:
Haiyi Synthesizer V Plus is a young feminine AI Mandarin Chinese voice database. As an AI vocal, she is expected to sound more realistic and human-like.

Phonetic notes as noted:
  • This is an AI voice database that was trained by the Standard version and was not based on new recordings. Thus, there may be similarities between Standard and Plus.
  • Through cross-lingual singing synthesis, Haiyi Synthesizer V Plus is able to sing in not only Mandarin Chinese but also in English and Japanese. This feature is only available in the Synthesizer V Studio Pro Editor.