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Uploaded September 1, 2018
Eleanor Forte and flower
Ace of Ghosts (music, lyrics)
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"My first original song!! The first bit is kind of whack, but I'm still very proud of it!!" ― Ace of Ghosts
K is an original song by Ace of Ghosts featuring Eleanor Forte and flower. It's also Ace of Ghosts' first original song.


Eleanor flower Eleanor and flower


(Hey! x32)

Hey you! (That's me)
You look a little lost
But what's it even for when they're right here?

Hey you! (Yeah, me)
You don't make any sense
You write weird stuff down and hope they like it

Hey you! (It's me)
You look a little tense,
like you'll just fall apart when you see them

Hey you! (Hey me)
Let's switch the point of view
Let's talk 'bout something new and just move on

You see them every day
But you just can't keep away
Without them it all turns grey
...You're not okay.

I wish it wasn't so,
but I don't want you to go,
so just stay right here with me


I think that
You should know how great you are,
There's so much that you've done to help me
'Guess that it's really bizarre
How long it took for me to tell you these words

(Hey! x30)
(La la la...)

There's so much
That I want to say to you,
but there's only so much time left now
I didn't know what I could do,
but I hope that this song will help you.

I still don't
Know what I can say to you,
but know that I'm really trying here.
Gosh, I don't know what to do,
but guess I should tell you that

Yeah, it's true
K, I love you...

Sorry that I didn't tell you sooner...
You're amazing...

(Hey! x32)

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