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My name is Kyomachi Seika, and I'm the public relations mascot for Seika.
I hope to give information to the citizens of Seika in the simplest way possible!
Wish me luck.
—Seika's introduction on Seika Town's website

Kyomachi Seika (京町セイカ) is a Japanese vocal developed and distributed by AH-Software Co. Ltd. in collaboration with Seika Town, and released as Standard and AI voice databases for Synthesizer V Studio in January 2022.[2] She was originally released as a VOICEROID+ EX speech voicebank in June 2016, and acted as the district mascot for Seika, Kyoto, Japan since 2013.[3]

Her voice provider is Rika Tachibana, a Japanese voice actress and singer.


As a character, Seika is described to be a messenger who travels between the past, present, and future. Her purpose is to inform people of the real life town of Seika, of which she is the mascot in charge of public relations. No matter what outfit she wears, it always has to be green as it's her favorite color and the color of the town's emblem.

Seika has a tendency to inform people about important information through media like the town's newsletter, Hanaso, and webpage.

She is noted to be 23 years old on AH-Software's website and certain webpages on Seika Town, though one page listed her to be in her "Early 20s or so".[4]


From July 5 to August 7, 2013, name suggestions for the mascot were accepted. Throughout this period, a total of 138 possible names were sent in from 22 different Japanese prefectures and the United States. From these submissions, the name "Kyomachi Seika" was chosen.[5]

Her family name, Kyomachi (京町) is derived from the kanji of "Kyoto" (京都) and "machi" (町), which means "town." Her first name is shared with the name of the town she is the mascot of, Seika. Kyoto is the prefecture that the town Seika is in.

Her name is rendered in kana as "キョウマチ セイカ".[6]


Kyomachi Seika is a young woman with ebony black hair and emerald eyes. In general, her clothes are often themed to be business or office-like attire, as she is a time-traveling messenger with a purpose to inform people of Seika Town. The clothes always have to be green as it's her favorite color and the town's emblem, though it was noted that she had lots of white clothes too.[7] For Synthesizer V, her black hair is accompanied with faded green tips. Her fingernails are painted a bright jade color. Atop her head is a silver and green headset with white cat-ear like tips. She wears a white and green sleeveless tailcoat like jacket with gold buttons. A red bowtie and Seika Town's emblem decorate her top. Her detached sleeves are jade colored on the inside and adorned with gold buttons and trim. Underneath these are tight black opera gloves. A black strap is buckled around the middle of the sleeves to make them poof out in an appealing way. She wears a black tube skirt and tights. Her boots are white heeled short boots with gray soles. In her hand, she holds an emerald and gold megaphone with a single yellow rose on the handle. Seika Town's emblem is located on the tip of the megaphone's middle funnel.


  • Name - Summary Work in Progress

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Pre-orders for additional Kyomachi Seika voice recordings known as pitagoe (ぴた声) began on August 26, 2021.[8]

At SEIKA Subculture Festival 2021, it was confirmed that there have been efforts to market to Taiwan, but it was difficult to interact due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[9] This led to the choosing of popular Taiwanese artists for official illustrations, which included CloBA[10], weicomic0123[11], and VOFAN (who was Seika's Synthesizer V illustrator).[12]


Kyomachi Seika's character status
Seika's Synthesizer V production was made possible through a successful crowdfunding campaign that was launched from December 2020 to January 2021. She reached the required development stretch goal by January 21 and managed to accumulate a total of 9,395,000 yen by the end with 224 backers.[13]

  • First Synthesizer V character from Seika Town
  • First female Synthesizer V from Seika Town
  • First Japanese Synthesizer V from Seika Town
  • First Standard voice database from Seika Town
  • First AI voice database from Seika Town


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