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This project will not be released.

According to official sources this project has no current plans of release.
Please read the page for more information.

MAN-M1 is an unreleased masculine Chinese voice database developed for internal use by Dreamtonics when developing Synthesizer V. There are currently no plans to release the voice database and his voice provider was never revealed.[2]

Voice Database Information[]



茉莉花 (Mòlìhuā) SoundCloud
敢问路在何方 (Gǎn Wèn Lù Zài Héfāng) YouTube bilibili


  1. In an interview with Vocaloid, Kanru Hua said that a contract was signed with Eleanor Forte's VP to prevent disclosure of any personal information. Considering the fact that MAN-M1 is original to Synth V, unlike AiKO and Yamine Renri, it is assumed that a similar contract was signed with MAN-M1's VP as well. Please read the interview for more information.