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Uploaded September 28, 2018
Eleanor Forte and Clara
HorizonsP (music, lyrics)
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""NANANA" is a trap genre in most of its structure, although on its last third I turned totally oggity-oggity and it became into a house-like happy thing for no reason. I've never been friends with making songs adhered to a solid template in a loop, nope." ― HorizonsP
NANANA is an original song by HorzonsP featuring Clara and Eleanor Forte.


Eleanor Clara


I'm really tired of the shit
you cover under gilded sheets.
So I will let you be.
Boy, I will let you be.

I wander through the edge of time.
I wonder when I crossed the line
But I will let it be.
Oh, I will let it be.

I can't take it no more,
when I walk through your door to leave.
But I don't wanna stay anyway.

I need to find more way,
so I go like-


I'm a fucking mess, yeah
Always fucking stressed, well
But you can be sure
I will be there for you.

Baby, calm down - you'll be alright.
Ain't need no help to fight
against yo,ur demon inside.

and it goes like-


('sa Clara toa chula)

No quiero quedarme quieta,
más empanada que una croqueta.
Que aquí una es coqueta, discreta
y concreta en tu jeta
que nada de jugarretas.

Nanana - me da igual la vida.
No me metas en tu movida.
¿No ves que yo solo he venido a jugar?
Que tu falsedad te las puedes ahorrar.

Lleva más verde que un prado,
fíjate qué chaval.
Que cuando pasa a tu lado
suelta un aroma tropical.

Sativa, traga saliva.
No me des más que voy hasta arriba.
Más problemas
que un libro de matemáticas.
No me seas dramática - ven a cantar.


La curiosidad mató al hetero.
Yo es que paso ya del mundo entero.

I see that you're a double threat
when I look down
while you give me head.

Come on, dude - pass the green, puff away
Dis so good - as my troubles fly away

It's like the guy I'd prick the rubber to.
So high, it feels like Xanadu.

Don't keep on telling me what's wrong,
follow the rhythm of this song.

Oh, baby - we're both unfixable
We grown up into insufferable people
We rise and we fall
and losing control's so delectable with you.

You never take the hint
cause you care way to much.
Let's not define this thing,
cause it's up to you and I.

And it goes like-

No hay ganas de contestar
ni de discutir
por algo que no tiene sentido.

Con tu pataleta te dejo ahí:
pírate o ven a cantar conmigo


I'm a fucking mess
Always fucking stressed,
but you can be sure
I will be there for you

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