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Introduced: Synthesizer V[]

Sleepy Ho11ow[]

Sleepy ho11ow.jpg Eleanor-forte 02.png Eleanor Forte AI illust.png

Sleepy Ho11ow (aka 中古アンプ[1]; Chuuko Amp) is the official illustrator of Eleanor Forte.

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Kgr.jpg RenriSynthV.png Yamine Renri.png

kgr is the official illustrator of Yamine Renri.

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Onidaruman.jpg Character genbu pic.png VirVox SynthV Genbu.png

onidaruman (おにだるま) is the official illustrator of GENBU. He specifically takes commissions for designing characters made for virtual activities, like V-tubers. He is good at drawing male and child figures, but is also practicing the female figure.

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Lam.png AiKO.png

LAM is AiKO's official Synthesizer V illustrator. He was born in the Fukuoka Prefecture. After graduating from Tokyo art university, he worked as a graphic designer at ATLUS before becoming a freelance illustrator. He is part of an active fanzine circle known as "Rai Rai Public Corporation (雷雷公社)". He has also provided illustrations for the mobile game Fate/Grand Order and has done character design for the game Arcade Rhythm Game WACCA. He provided illustrations for a TV commercial for the vocational school HAL, as well as the character designs and illustrations for the VR game Tokyo Chronos.

He also provided illustrations for VOCALOID MVs like "Gimme×Gimme" and "日本の文化", and is the designer of the V-tubers Kujou Ringo and Kureiji Ollie.

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KAWORU.jpg Aiko set maid main 01.png

KAWORU is AiKO's original illustrator and character designer before she became a Synthesizer V vocal. Her birthday is October 30.

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Atdan.png Chiyu transparent.png Haiyi transparent.png

ATDAN (aka 原子Dan; Yuánzǐ Dan) is the official illustrator and designer of Chiyu, Shian, and Haiyi. In addition, he was the illustrator for the Synthesizer V Studio vocals Chiyu, Shian, Cangqiong, Haiyi, Xingchen Minus, and Xingchen Infinity. His birthday is August 15 and he graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

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Hanasa.jpg Shian transparent.png

Hanasa (aka Criin and 花洒; Huāsǎ) is the illustrator and designer of Chiyu and Shian.

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Kurumimi.jpg Cangqiong transparent.png

Kurumimi is the official illustrator of Cangqiong and designer of Chiyu. Her birthday is December 3.

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Introduced: Web Synthesizer V[]

Yoshida Yoshitsugi[]

Yoshida Yoshitsugi.jpg Kotonoha.png

Yoshida Yoshitsugi (吉田ヨシツギ) is the official designer and illustrator of Kotonoha Akane & Aoi.

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Introduced: Synthesizer V Studio[]


Fengye.jpg Muxin.png

Fengye (枫叶; Fēngyè), also known as Maple and Fengye-APH (枫叶-APH; Fēngyè-APH), is the official designer and illustrator of Muxin. Her illustrations and designs were also often used for official MEDIUM⁵ merchandise.

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xiao Ye You Xi[]

Xiao ye you xi.jpg Genesis crystal minus.jpg

xiao Ye You Xi (xiao葉有囍; xiao Yè Yǒu Xǐ) is the official designer of Minus and Xingchen Infinity. They are also the concept artist of the MEDIUM⁵ 2050 game designs.

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Teshima Nari[]

Teshima Nari.jpg Koharu Rikka Synthesizer V.png Natsuki karin synthv.png

Teshima Nari (手島nari) is the official illustrator of Koharu Rikka, Natsuki Karin, and Hanakuma Chifuyu. His birthday is September 18.

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Ohmi Chiko[]

Ohmi Chiko.jpg Tsurumaki Maki Synthesizer V Japanese.png Tsurumaki Maki Synthesizer V English.png

Ohmi Chiko (大海ちこ) is the official illustrator for the Synthesizer V Studio version of Tsurumaki Maki. A resident of Aichi prefecture in Japan, they are a freelance illustrator who used to work for mobile game companies like Ambition Co. Ltd. (株式会社アンビション), developer of the 2016 game Fallen Princess (あっきのじかん Akki no Jikan) for which Chiko was the main illustrator and character designer. In addition to doing character illustrations for merchandise companies like Contents Seed (株式会社コンテンツシード), Movic (ムービック),[3] and Chugai Mining Co. Ltd. (中外鉱業株式会社),[4], Chiko also illustrated acrylic stands, badges, buttons, calendars, keychains, and other goods based on AH-Software Co. Ltd.'s family of VOCALOID and VOICEROID characters.[5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

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Saki Ohenri[]

大辺璃紗季.jpg Synthesizerv tsuina std illust.png Synthesizerv tsuina ai illust.png

Saki Ohenri (大辺璃紗季) is the official illustrator of Tsuina-chan.

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Hieihirai Twitter Profile Picture.jpg ANRI Official Illustration by Hieihirai.png

hieihirai is the official illustrator of ANRI. She is a digital illustrator who is known to "love manga and sleeping".

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Synthesizer V Studio Logo.png ANRI Official Reference by 7Mora & Hieihirai.png

7Mora is the concept illustrator of ANRI. Currently, there is no information about 7mora except for confirmation of their involvement in the "Characters" section of AUDIOLOGIE Co., Ltd.'s website.[12]


Superstellarart.png Solaria final.png

Superstellar is the official illustrator of SOLARIA. An avid vocal synth enthusiast for nearly 10 years, Superstellar is most notably known for her incredibly detailed and vibrant digital paintings. She was selected to be SOLARIA's key illustrator not only for her work, but also for her "passion for vocal synths".[13]

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Vofan.png Synthesizer V Kyomachi Seika.png

VOFAN (ヴォーハン), also known as Yuanheng Dai (戴源亨) is a Taiwanese illustrator from Tainan, Taiwan, and is the official illustrator of Kyomachi Seika.

He was born on June 13, 1980 and was active since 1999. He gradated from the Department of Architecture of Chung Yuan Christian University and from the Institute of Art of Science and Technology (now known as the Department of New Media Art) from Taipei National University of the Arts. He is the president of Night Cat Cafe, a creative works club.

VOFAN did illustrations for the Bakemonogatari series. He was also known as the official illustrator for the VOCALOIDs Xin Hua (and her Japanese design) and Sweet ANN (E-Capsule Co. Ltd version).

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Yoshida Iyo[]

Yoshida Iyo.jpg Rosa sv transparent.png

Yoshida Iyo (吉田依世) is the official illustrator for ROSA. A freelance illustrator living in Tokyo with three pet dogs, she originally aimed to become a manga artist, but gave up on it. She used to love fashion too; after working for an apparel company for a while, she started working as an illustrator in December 2015. She now currently works in partnership with a 2D graphics company, creating stills for social games, corporate stamps, and fashion designs. As a freelancer, she is also expanding her activities to include illustrations for light novels, corporate character design, merchandise-related work, and exhibitions. Her birthday is September 30.

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