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Sleepy Ho11ow

Sleepy Ho11ow (aka 中古アンプ[1])

Sleepy Ho11ow is the official illustrator of Eleanor Forte.

Eleanor-forte 02


kgr is the official illustrator of Yamine Renri. Yamine Renri 02


onidaruman is the official illustrator of Genbu. He speficaly takes commisions for designing characters made for virtual activities, like V-tubers. He is good at drawing male and child figures but is also practing the female figure. Character genbu pic


LAM is AiKO's official Synthesizer V illustrator. He was born in the Fukuoka Prefecture. After graduating from Tokyo art university he worked as a graphic designer at ATLUS before becoming a freelance illustrator. He is part of an active fanzine circle know as "Rai Rai Public Corporation (雷雷公社)", he has also provided illustrations for the mobile game "Fate/Grand Order" and has done character design for the game "Arcade Rhythm Game WACCA". He provided illustrations for a TV commercial for the vocational school HAL, as well as the character designs and illustrations for the VR game "Tokyo Chronos".

He has also provide illustrations for Vocaloid MVs like GimmiexGimmie and 日本の文化, and is the designer of the V-tubber Kujou Ringo

Character aiko pic


KAWORU is AiKO's original illustrator, before she became a Synthesizer V vocal, and her character designer.

Her birthday is October 30.

Aiko set maid main 01


ATDAN (aka 原子Dan) is the official illustrator and designer of Haiyi, Shian, and Chiyu. HaiyiShian officialChiyu official boxart


Hanasa (aka Criin) is the illustrator and designer of Haiyi, Shian, and Chiyu.


Kurumimi is the official illustrator of Cangqiong and designer of Haiyi, Shian, and Chiyu.

Her birthday is December 3.

Cangqiong full


  1. "中古アンプ" translates to "Used Amp"
  2. Note: Whether commisions are open or not can be seen on their Twiiter profile
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