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Illustrator Illustration
Sleepy Ho11ow (aka 中古アンプ[1])

Sleepy Ho11ow makes mostly fan art of Vocaloids and Fate/Grand Order characters.

Eleanor-forte 02
kgr Yamine Renri 02


Genbu was one of onidaruman's first posts but their first work as they are the designer and illustrator of a male Virtual Youtuber.

Character genbu pic

LAM is AiKO's Synthesizer V illustrator.

Character aiko pic

KAWORU is AiKO's original illustrator, before she became a Synthesizer V vocal.

Aiko set maid main 01

ATDAN is the original illustrator of


  1. "中古アンプ" translates to "Used Amp"
  2. Note: Whether commisions are open or not can be seen on their Twiiter profile