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Qing Su (青溯), also known as MAN-F3, is a Mandarin Chinese vocal developed and distributed by Dreamtonics Co., Ltd., and released as an AI voice database for Synthesizer V Studio in December 2021.

Her voice provider was unrevealed, but was confirmed to be an experienced singer in Qing Su's first livestream.


Since MAN-F3's introduction, Dreamtonics wanted the voice database's name to directly mean or reflect the concept of "dream". The company hoped that Qing Su would become every creator's hearty expression, to express each other's lives in the passing time. She was described to be an extension of one's dreams.[1]

Like Saki, Qing Su was intended to be treated as an official voice database, representing Dreamtonics's brand quality.[2]


Upon introduction, MAN-F3 was introduced through only her codename. In the description of her first demo, Dreamtonics announced they were launching a contest to decide her final name. It was requested that her name directly contained "Meng" ("梦"; "Mèng"), which translates to "dream", or that it reflected the meaning of "dream".

The name was created by Shi Shu Jishi Chang (诗书济世长), who accompanied the meaning of Qing Su's name with a poem.[3] The poem references Xu Zhimo's "Taking Leave of Cambridge Again", specifically the following lines: "To seek a dream? Go punting with a long pole, (寻梦?撑一支长篙,); Upstream to where green grass is greener, (向青草更青处漫溯,); With the punt laden with starlight, (满载一船星辉,); And sing out loud in its radiance. (在星辉斑斓里放歌。)"

Shi Shu Jishi Chang explained that Qing Su represents people's courage to explore their dreams farther and deeper, similar to her soft yet firm voice. Dreamtonics followed up in their own comment that the name was a "quiet and beautiful dream-seeking image". It was described "Like a pole roaming in the sea of the mind, it ripples in the heart with one wave and one stroke, and it lasts for a long time. At the moment of the birth of a far-than-expected imagination, it was across the blue night sky and chasing for a moment, finally pour out the condensed feelings in the chest, echoing the world".[4]

In reference to the poem, "Qing" (青; Qīng) means "green" or "green grass", which was noted by Mouzhize in Qing Su's livestream that it was a color close to the Synthesizer V UI's theme, to which Kanru Hua agreed. "Su" (溯; ) means "upstream". It is inspired by the poem's line: "Upstream to where grass is greener". Together, her name (青溯) is also a homonym for the phrase "to say everything (that is on one's mind)" (倾诉).


Like Saki, rather than having an official human-like avatar, Qing Su is represented by an abstract symbol, the letter Q, which is drawn from the first letter of her name in romanization. The Q is mainly dodger blue with hints of purple, the color scheme likely stemming from Dreamtonics's logo colors. It is square-shaped with a straight and rectangular tail. Characterization is left up to the the song producer themselves rather than towards the product, so Qing Su is open to any form of visual interpretation, allowing the producer to decide what they would like her to look like.

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When MAN-F3 was introduced through her first demo, Dreamtonics announced that they would like users to give the next generation of virtual singers a name that only belonged to them. For MAN-F3, Dreamtonics requested three things: the name had to be two to three Chinese characters long, it should contain the word "dream" ("梦") or reflect the meaning of "dream", and that to participate, users were to share the video and reply with their selected name. The contest ran from October 14 to October 31, with the winning name set for announcement on November 5. The winning participant would be presented with a set of Synthesizer V Studio Pro and MAN-F3's library. The name was created by Shi Shu Jishi Chang (诗书济世长).[5]

Like Saki before her, Qing Su was treated as an official or standard vocal for the engine, where she could be found in demonstrations of Synthesizer V Studio and AI's capabilities. Dreamtonics also opened their own Taobao store as part of their updated sales model for the Chinese market. Regarding overseas users, she would be available through other means, but the details were not yet specified.[6]

During Qing Su's pre-order period, a raffle was launched for five users to potentially win a copy of Synthesizer V Studio Pro and Qing Su's voice database. Participants had to follow Dreamtonics's account and forward the announcement post. Winners were selected on December 1. For users who already bought Qing Su, they were entitled to a full refund of their purchase.[7]


Qing Su's character status
Prior to releasing, Qing Su's voice was overall well-received within the fandom. As a vocalist without an official character, this allowed producers and fans to create their own for her, resulting in a variety of designs. Her voice was also noted to sound professional, well done, realisitic, and was met with overall positive and impressed reactions.

As a Dreamtonics product to demonstrate the capabilities of Synthesizer V Studio (specifically Synthesizer V AI), Qing Su was considered to be one of the default vocals used for tech demos, allowing for producers to compare and understand the differences per update. She had a professional feel in accordance to her voice provider, who was stated to be an experienced singer, and made for a good starting AI voice database, which was especially was praised for sounding realistic and helped gauge interest in this type of voice database for Synthesizer V Mandarin Chinese vocals.

  • First Synthesizer V to have their name selected from a contest.
  • First Mandarin Chinese voice library to be released by Dreamtonics.
  • First Mandarin Chinese AI voice library to be released.


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