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Saki (サキ), previously known as "JA-F2" and "Masaki",[2] is a Japanese vocal developed by Dreamtonics Co., Ltd.. As JA-F2, she was originally released for Web Synthesizer V in December 2019, which was a software that launched after Synthesizer V and was a branch off of the development of Synthesizer V Studio.[3] As Saki, she later received another Web version and commercial release as a Standard voice database for Synthesizer V Studio in July 2020[4], then received an AI voice database in December that year.

Her voice provider has never been revealed but was hinted to be a singer-songwriter according to AH-Software Co. Ltd.'s webpage.


Saki is a singing Japanese voice database "based on the singing voice of a talented singer-songwriter" (identity not revealed). According to AH-Software's page, "Her natural singing voice naturally adapts to any occasion. It is a beautiful singing voice that is good at rock, etc. in the high range, from ballads and pops."[5] Saki is treated as an official voice database or an indispensable "reference-level" type of singing voice, representing Dreamtonics's brand quality.[6]


Saki (サキ) is a derivation of Masaki (マサキ), which was the former name for the library found in the website directory of Web Synthesizer V. At the time, Saki was only known simply as codename JA-F2. It was not until the release of Saki for Synthesizer V Studio that a proper name was officially given to her.


Similar to what YAMAHA does in VOCALOID for VY1 and a few other voicebanks, Saki has no official human-like avatar, being represented instead by an abstract symbol: a set of pink-red, lime-green, and sky-blue triplet stripes criss-crossing each other (forming secondary colors like orange-red, cyan-green, and fuchsia on the corners) to form a rhomboid capital letter "S" (for "Saki"). Characterization then shifts towards the song producers themselves rather than towards the product, so Saki is open to any form of visual interpretation.

Saki AI's physical standalone box featured the "S" as magenta-pink with hints purple, indigo, and navy blue. After the physical version released on July 21, 2022, the new appearance later became her updated design overall on the Dreamtonics storefronts.[7][8]

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Saki was made available on both Animen's ANiCUTE shop and on AH-Software's shop, making her readily available for users. Both Standard and AI were also made available as Lite voice databases, allowing people to try them if they wished. Dreamtonics also opened their own Taobao store as part of their updated sales model for the Chinese market and included Saki as a purchasable option.[9] She was also later made available on the international Dreamtonics store on February 4, 2022.[10] On June 13, 2022, Dreamtonics announced that they launched a new official store for the Chinese market built on WeChat's Mini Program. Users would be able to purchase the Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor and Dreamtonics' vocals through the application in a convenient manner, enjoying the automatic real-time distribution shopping experience. From June 13 to July 13, users were able to take advantage of unlimited 10% off coupons in the new store.[11] It was later clarified that the decision to open this new shopping option was made due to Taobao's new restrictions on the sales of virtual goods as of April 2022, especially for restrictions on shipments without logistics since virtual goods would need to be delivered via email.[12] Since her initial release, the Standard voice database was the only version of Saki and overall Dreamtonics vocal to receive a physical box. A physical box for her AI version was not released until July 21, when she was also joined by Kevin and Ryo, becoming one of the Dreamtonics AI voice databases to receive physicals.[13]

As a Dreamtonics vocal, Saki was treated as an official or standard vocal for the engine, where she could be found in demonstrations of Synthesizer V Studio and its AI capabilities. This also meant that she would be among the first vocals to be equipped with the latest engine updates. As JA-F2, she was used to market Web Synthesizer V. As Saki, she was later used to market Synthesizer V Studio since its beginning and was one of the focal vocals for multiple demonstrations, with new Dreamtonics vocals releasing and becoming the main point of marketing the later updates. On February 18, 2021, she was used to demonstrate Synthesizer V Studio 1.2.0, which brought faster rendering, cleaner sounds, better pronunciation, and fewer audio artifacts.[14] On June 17, she was featured in the 1.3.0 demo, which brought significant naturalness improvements to AI voice databases.[15] On December 23, she was featured in the 1.5.0 demo, which introduced Cross-lingual Singing Synthesis.[16] On March 26, 2022, she was featured in the 1.6.0 tutorial video, which introduced Instant Mode and Vocal Mode.[17] On July 21, she was featured in the 1.7.0 tutorial video, which introduced High Dynamics Voice Models and AI Retakes.[18]

On June 24, 2022, Dreamtonics announced its first creation contest in collaboration with AH-Software, Animen, AUDIOLOGIE Co., Ltd., and Eclipsed Sounds, LLC with three competition areas: originals, covers, and cross-lingual synthesis. Creators were encouraged to submit their work regardless of language restrictions. Prizes included cash distribution from bilibili, digital copies of certain Synthesizer V voice databases, and the physical boxed copy of ANRI. Saki was listed as one of the eligible vocals for this contest.[19]


Saki's character status
Saki's voice was well-received within the fandom. As a vocalist without an official character, this allowed producers and fans to create their own for her, resulting in a variety of designs. Her voice was also noted to sound professional and well done, especially for her AI voice database, which as the first to receive an AI release, was met with overall positive reactions.

As a new product to demonstrate the capabilities of Synthesizer V Studio and Synthesizer V AI, Saki was considered to be the vocal used for tech demos, allowing for producers to compare and understand the differences per update. She had a professional feel in accordance to her voice provider, who was stated to be an experienced singer-songwriter, and made for a good starting voice for both software. Saki's AI voice database especially was praised for sounding realistic and helped gauge interest in this type of voice database for Synthesizer V as a whole.

  • First voice database available for Web Synthesizer V.
  • First female voice database available for Web Synthesizer V.
  • First Japanese voice database available for Web Synthesizer V.
  • First Dreamtonics voice database available for Web Synthesizer V.
  • First Dreamtonics voice database for Synthesizer V Studio.
  • First female Dreamtonics voice database for Synthesizer V Studio.
  • First Synthesizer V AI voice database to be released.
  • First female Synthesizer V AI voice database to be released.
  • First Japanese Synthesizer V AI voice database to be released.
  • First Dreamtonics Synthesizer V AI voice database to be released.
  • First Synthesizer V AI Lite voice database to be released.
  • First Synthesizer V vocal to release without a character design.


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