See Snail
Song title
See Snail
Uploaded September 17, 2018
Eleanor Forte
Aryuna (music, lyrics)
Mofun, Gabriel Estrella, Poleng, Alexander Torres (special thanks)
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"There's no way you're dead.

Everything's just a dream. and I'm waiting to wake up next to you again."

See Snail is an original song by Aryuna featuring Eleanor Forte. It's their first song featuring Eleanor Forte.



Is it morning already?
So deep in this peaceful sleep,
I saw you in my dream and
smiling so dearly.

Under the fleeting moonlight,
I held your hand so very tight
and asked you to dance with me
in this wilting fantasy.

The warmth of your hands,
The sound of your voice,
are but a really silent dream now.

I open my eyes,
I live again today
in this sad reality called life.

If I have to hide
in my shell again
to forget this world,
then I guess it's okay.

If I have to sleep
for months and years
to live this dream,
then I guess it's okay.

Is it morning already?
Have I been crying all night again?
Those memories I just want to forget
just keeps coming back.

Under the fleeting twilight,
I held your hand while I cried.
How do I live on without you
but with hopes and dreams alone?

I just want to die.
How can I call myself
"alive" with this emptiness inside me?

A world without you
is something I don't need.
Should I just follow you right now?

Even if I hide
in my shell again
to forget this world,
will everything be okay?

Even if I sleep
for months and years,
to live this dream,
will everything be okay?

If I don't have to
wake up again
to forget this pain,
will everything be okay?

If maybe one day,
I wake up with you,
please tell me that
everything's just okay.

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