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Seika Town (精華町) is a town located at the southwestern tip of the Kyoto Prefecture in Japan and was originally founded April 1, 1955. Kyomachi Seika is the official mascot and Public Relations character of Seika Town as of 2013.[1]


Seika Town first collaborated with AH-Software Co. Ltd. in 2016 to release their first VOICEROID text-to-speech synthesizer voicebank for Kyomachi Seika and released her on June 16, 2016 following a successful crowdfund.[2]

On December 21, Seika Town collaborated again with AH-Software Co. Ltd. to start a new crowdfunding campaign aimed towards funding a Synthesizer V voice database, which was set to begin two days later on December 23.[3] The campaign aimed to raise funds for the production of a Standard singing voice database for Synthesizer V, an original song featuring Seika and her voice provider, Rika Tachibana, and ultimately a Synthesizer V AI voice database. On January 11, 2021, the crowdfunding campaign reached its initial goal of ¥4,000,000 for production of her Synthesizer V voice database.[4][5]

Key people[]

Mayor Sugiura Masami Picture.jpg Sugiura Masami (杉浦 正省) elected into office May 12, 2013, is the mayor of Seika Town.

Voice Databases[]

Synthesizer V Studio[]

Voice databases developed by Seika Town.

Synthesizer V AI[]

Voice databases developed by Seika Town.



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