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Spring paints withered trees in shares of green, snow melts into creeks with a vibrant sheen. Azaleas and pear flowers are in full bloom, Sky with evening glow makes a coat in loom.
Fireflies twinkling in the summer nights, then comes the fall with mellow fruitfulness. Chilly winter winds blow everywhere, take some rest my friend. Spring will be here, in a little while

—Back of Shian's box

Shian (Simplified Chinese: 诗岸; Traditional Chinese: 詩岸) is a Mandarin Chinese vocal developed and distributed by Beijing Photek S&T Development Co., Ltd., and was released in June 2019 for the first Synthesizer V engine. She is part of the MEDIUM⁵ cast.

Shian was later updated to Synthesizer V Studio as a Standard voice database in July 2020, and is currently expecting a Standard-trained AI voice database known as "Shian Synthesizer V Plus".[4]

Her voice provider is warma, a Chinese singer.


A shape known as the cube (a type of Hexahedron) first appeared on Shian's omamori merchandise. It is also present in the last stroke in the "诗" character of her name. In the spiritual meaning of Metatron's Cube, the cube represents earth, which influenced her design, name, and concept.[5]

In March 2019, Shian was revealed to be part of the MEDIUM⁵ cast and was one of the girls who derived from a single being known as ZERO who possessed Metatron's Cube.[6] She is listed as a Capricorn.


Shī (诗) means "poetry", "poem", "ode", or "verse" while àn (岸) means "bank", "shore", "beach", or "coast".

Her name is rendered in Kana as "シアン".[7]


Shian's hairstyle and color scheme could represent that of a teddy bear. According to the Dreamtonics website, she is described to have "the faint smile of a baby or, rather, a teddy bear".[7]


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Shian was initially introduced as Xingchen's youngest sister, but her design was not teased until December 31, 2018 on an official omamori. Since then, she was marketed as a member of MEDIUM⁵ and had a variety of merchandise which included but was not limited to: charms, albums, standees, figures, and more. Shian also had her own official Weibo account and official bilibili playlist.


Shian's character status
Shian was well-received within the Chinese fanbase. As VOCALOID Xingchen's sister, she was considered highly anticipated.


Before her release, Shian was initially teased as a mysterious new character on an omamori that was officially sold by Beijing Photek. This led to fans becoming curious of her and not much information was given in regards to her character at the time, other than her name being disclosed and that she was the "earth" themed sister. Her full design was not revealed until February 2019. As a MEDIUM⁵ character and the second sister related to Xingchen to release, Shian quickly received attention from existing Quadimension fans. After release, Shian was used in a variety of genres as producers experimented with her voice database, though mainly took advantage of her warm and soft voice with ballads and pop-related styles.

Shian's Synthesizer V bank was released on Beijing Photek's Taobao page, making it difficult for overseas users to purchase her if they did not know how to navigate and use the site. For her Synthesizer V Studio voice database, she was made available on Animen's ANiCUTE shop, which was friendlier to use for overseas fans.

The first original song to reach 1 million views featuring Shian's voice was "Qīngniǎo Xián Fēng" by PoKeR and Mu Qingming, which occurred on November 18, 2020.

  • One of the first Synthesizer V Studio voice databases to release.
  • One of the first Synthesizer V vocals to be updated to Synthesizer V Studio.
  • One of the first Synthesizer V Studio female voice databases to release.
  • One of the first Beijing Photek Synthesizer V vocals to be updated.
  • One of the first Beijing Phokek Synthesizer V Studio vocals to be released.
  • One of the first Mandarin Chinese voice databases for Synthesizer V Studio.


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