Still a long way eleanor
Song title
still a long way eleanor
Uploaded August 22, 2018
Eleanor Forte
hagayui (music, lyrics)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast


"welcome to the world of fame, Eleanor." ― hagayui
still a long way eleanor is an original song by hagayui featuring Eleanor Forte. It's their fifth original song, and their first song featuring Eleanor Forte.



I just arrived in the city of lights and it
Looks like I got here in the midst of night
Something about the stars
Makes me wonder if this night sky’s ours…
Taking the train to tomorrow I surf
The stars in the sky, forgetting my sorrows
Feeling so warm in the sky…
When we hold each other, and hug us tight

We’re living our lives away
Boosting each other to fame
It feels calmingly addicting, a feeling so fitting
A bond so close yet miles away
Starting out slow I won’t blast to the top
But know that I’ll never stop
I’ve still got a way to go, calm down, Eleanor…
It’s only been a day without a new song!

I roll out of bed, my hair a whack
And know that I’ll never be coming back.

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