In order to keep things civil, the SynthV wiki admins have put together a list of rules.


See the Wiki Edit-quette for more details.

Add pages on voicebanks, and other things regarding SynthV that we don't cover yet.
Revert vandalism/spam/gibberish.
Create pages for redlinks in the mainspace.
Contact an admin if you need help editing.
Assume good faith.
✘ Plagiarize content from other sites.
✘ Make spammy or off topic pages.
✘ Disregard the page formats.
✘ Purposefully start an edit war. If an edit war is started, try to keep it under control.
✘ Vandalizing pages in any way.


Discuss with fellow editors in a civil manner.
Use comments, message walls, and discussions appropriately.
✘ Harassment in any way or wishing death upon another user. These result in an immediate ban.
✘ Spamming (ie posting advertisements in the comments)
✘ Off-topic discussion (with the exceptions of blog posts & discussions (when put in the correct category).


Name images correctly, (do not leave them as ASDFGHJKL, instead rename them "English Voicebank")
Help new users if they're having trouble.
✘ Add news or big changes to the page without a source.
Feed the trolls or allow recognition.