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Synthesizer V AI is the next generation of the Synthesizer V vocal synthesis engine, and update to the Synthesizer V Studio software developed by Dreamtonics. The software was unveiled October 30, 2020 in a press release alongside voice database Saki AI and the announcement of Koharu Rikka.[1][2]

According to the press release, Synthesizer V AI has been upgraded with deep learning artificial intelligence and will allow for switching between traditional and AI singing voices. In addition, it was revealed that Synthesizer V database Saki would be upgraded to the AI version (Saki AI) and would be released freely for a limited time to existing Synthesizer V Saki users. Saki AI will also be receiving a Lite version and will also be available on Synthesizer V Studio Basic for free for users to try.[1]. It was released as free update to Synthesizer V Studio in version 1.1.0 for both Basic and Pro versions on December 25, 2020.[3]

It was noted by VOLOR and Eclipsed Sounds, LLC that Synthesizer V Standard voice databases would need to be recorded at the Dreamtonics studio in Tokyo, Japan.[4] In comparison, AI voice databases use song-based recording and would give a chance to be done remotely, with the machine learning done alone by Dreamtonics.[5] It was also noted that AI voice databases could also sound very different to the Standard counterparts, but can also possibly bring more expression.[6][7]


On October 28, 2020, Dreamtonics revealed the announcement for AI updates to Synthesizer V Studio on BiliBili, however, the announcement was removed shortly after.[8]

Synthesizer V AI was formally announced on October 30, 2020 by Dreamtonics in a press release, as well as the voice databases Saki AI and Koharu Rikka, which were to be distributed by AH-Software Co. Ltd.. [1][2] It was also announced that a crowdfunding campaign for the VOICEROID Tsuina-chan to receive both a standard Synthesizer V Studio and Synthesizer V AI library would be launched.[9][2]

Demonstrations for Synthesizer V AI were uploaded to Dreamtonics and AH-Software Co. Ltd.'s YouTube channels respectively showcasing Saki AI. [10][11]. A comparison video between the standard Synthesizer V Studio Saki vocal and the AI version was also uploaded.[12]

Synthesizer V Studio was upgraded to version 1.2.0 on February 18, 2021 with AI voices now regarded as "Gen 2 AI voices". Saki AI was also upgraded to version 104 along with the 1.2.0 update.[13][14]

Synthesizer V Studio was upgraded to version 1.3.0 on June 18 with Synthesizer V AI being upgraded and now referred to as "Gen 3". Updates for Saki AI version 110 and Koharu Rikka version 105 were also released to coincide with the update.[15][16]

On December 23, version 1.5.0 was launched, which brought new comprehensive upgrades to AI-based voice databases. Its major update was "Cross-lingual Singing Synthesis", which allowed for AI voice databases to sing in fluent English, Japanese, and Mandarin regardless of whether the vocalist learned these languages or not. Previously, the libraries were limited to only the language proficiency of the voice providers they were based on. By this time, all released AI vocals would be receiving an update to support cross-lingual synthesis and the new feature was only available for the Pro editor.[17] On the same day, it was announced that all of the Beijing Photek S&T Development Co., Ltd. voice databases would be supported for Synthesizer V AI, but were instead trained by the Standard versions and were not based on new recordings.[18] These specific voice databases were officially known as "Synthesizer V Plus".[19]

On February 3, 2022, Kanru Hua noted that the WaveRNN vocoder was swapped with a non-autoregressive architecture in November 2021 and within the following updates, WaveRNN was completely removed. By this point, Synthesizer V AI no longer retained a single component from the first version reveal in 2020.[20] On February 4, according to AH-Software, the Synthesizer V series had been selling much more than expected within a year ever since it became compatible with AI.[21]


Full Versions[]

  • Full versions are the paid versions of the voice databases*
  • This list only includes the Synthesizer V AI voice databases. For the Standard voice databases, see Synthesizer V Studio.

Lite Versions[]

  • Lite versions are free versions of the voice databases and are available on Synthesizer V Studio Basic and Pro
  • These are generally monopitch (1 pitch) voice databases
  • General guidelines include mentioning "Lite" as part of an uploads' credit in the title and description, as well as disallowing commercial use. Further guidelines may depend on each voice database and it is encouraged that they are read carefully.
  • AI Lite versions are not able to use Synthesizer V Studio Pro's Cross-lingual Singing Synthesis feature.
  • This list only includes the lite versions of the Synthesizer V AI voice databases. For the Standard voice databases, see Synthesizer V Studio.

Note: Not every voice database has a Lite version.

Starter Packs[]

  • Full versions that can be acquired together with the Synthesizer V Studio Pro at a discount.
  • ANiCUTE Bundle Packs, Dreamtonics Bundles, and Taobao Sets consist of the voice databases themselves bundled with the SVS Pro editor in the same digital download; they do not exist as physical bundles.
  • AH-Software starters (marked with * below) are just standalone voice databases that can be freely downloaded from the AHS Store after redeeming the coupon enclosed within the (physical-only) Synthesizer V Studio Pro Starter Pack. Only one of them can be downloaded per Starter Pack coupon.
  • This only lists starter packs for Synthesizer V AI voice databases. For the Standard voice databases, see Synthesizer V Studio.

Note: Not every voice database has a Starter Pack.

Announced Vocals[]

Discontinued Bundle Packs[]

Unknown Status[]

Known Problems[]

  • Synthesizer V Studio 1.1.0
    • Dreamtonics noted that some users confirmed crash reports related to AI voices. This bug affects 2nd, 3rd gen Intel i3/i5/i7 processors and AMD processors from Jaguar to Steamroller series. Dreamtonics has recommended upgrading to Synthesizer V Studio 1.1.1[22]
  • Synthesizer V Studio 1.2.0
    • Dreamtonics noted that some users are experiencing crashes while updating Saki AI to version 104, they have recommended directly downloading & installing the voice from their website. They are currently looking into this issue and will release a fix as soon as possible.[23]

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Demo's of Saki AI's voice library were uploaded to Dreamtonics and AH-Software Co. Ltd. YouTube Channels


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