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TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT (合同会社TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT) is an entertainment company focused on the planning and development of speech synthesis software with characters, production and sale of goods and events, live music, and music production.


Established in 2019, TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT ran a successful crowdfunding campaign with the goal of developing a VOICEROID for Koharu Rikka. Additional stretch goals were added after reaching several milestones including the development of a singing synthesizer. The stretch goal for singing synthesizer production was reached on June 7 at 25 million yen.[1][2]

On June 26, 2020, TOKYO6 announced the development of Koharu Rikka for Synthesizer V Studio in partnership with AH-Software Co. Ltd..[3][4]

On May 22, 2021, TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT unveiled two new characters alongside Koharu Rikka in collaboration with Otaru City, in Hokkaido, Japan for a campaign titled "Koharu Rikka x Otaru Collaboration (小春六花×小樽コラボ)" The characters revealed are named Hanakuma Chifuyu (花隈千冬) and Natsuki Karin (夏色花梨) respectively and are students enrolled at the fictional high school Otaru Shiokaze High School (小樽潮風高校). They are part of a small music club with Koharu Rikka. Along with this information, an illustration contest and radio contest utilizing Koharu Rikka's CeVIO AI Talk library were announced as well as a contest for naming the bear-like characters accompanying the girls. [5] It is unknown if these characters will be given voice synthesis libraries at this time. On August 8, due to some concerns regarding business activities related to Synthesizer V, Dreamtonics Co., Ltd. noted that Chifuyu and Karin were on the list of "yet-to-be-published" voices and initiatives.[6]

On February 17, 2022, during AH-Software's monthly live broadcast, TOKYO6 acknowledged their cooperation in the development of VOICEPEAK, AHS's new text-to-speech software based on Dreamtonics' Syllaflow AI speech-synthesis engine. There, they also announced Natsuki Karin's release month to be April while Hanakuma Chifuyu's was confirmed to be around October.[7]

On April 19, 2022, TOKYO6 introduced a fourth character known as Momoka Akino (百花秋乃), who was Karin's senior. She made her debut in Karin's audio drama and was voiced by Nene Hieda.[8] She was themed around the autumn season.[9]

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Voice databases developed by TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT.

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