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Tsuina-chan (ついなちゃん), also known as Kisaragi Tsuina (如月ついな), is a Japanese vocal developed and distributed by AH-Software Co. Ltd. in collaboration with Tsuina, the Ogre Hunter Project, and released with Standard and AI voice databases for Synthesizer V Studio in November 2021.[2][3] She was originally released as a VOICEROID2 product on November 1, 2019.

Her voice provider is Mai Kadowaki, a Japanese voice actress and radio show host.


Tsuina-chan originates from a popular "meme" character in the online Japanese anime community - Hinomoto Oniko. Oniko was created by denizens of 2chan in order to combat a particular Chinese ethnic slur against Japanese people by using that term and making it into a "cute anime girl." By doing so, they would "embrace" said term and make it useless as an insult.

She is the first VOICEROID to have both standard and Kansai-ben dialects, the second of which is due to a stretch goal for her crowdfunding campaign having been reached. Previously, this was achievable with Kotonoha Akane & Aoi, but as two separate characters.

Tsuina-chan resulted from a member of the "Hinomoto Oniko Project," Saki Oohenri, wanting to create a "rival" character to Oniko - as Oniko is a ogre, Tsuina-chan was conceptualized as a ogre hunter. Tsuina-chan made her official online debut on Oohenri's pixiv on February 3, 2011 (the initial upload has since been deleted, however). Her character is inspired from the "Tsuina" Event, which is an annual ceremony performed on December 30 each year. It is a ceremony designed to exorcise ogres/bad spirits, which is the basis of Tsuina's character. Elements of the ceremony (instruments, wooden masks, traditional clothing) are all part of Tsuna's character design.

In November 2021, Tsuina-chan had an update to her website and more details about her character were given. Her blood type is "O-ni".


Her real name is "Kisaragi Tsuina" (如月ついな), though she's also commonly referred to as "Enno Tsuina" (役ついな or 役追儺). She prefers being referred to as "Enno" as she considers it cooler than "Kisaragi" (which she is embarrassed by).[4]

Kisaragi (如月) is an outdated term referring to the second month of the year, known as February. Tsuina-chan's original online debut was February 3rd, which is also her character birthday.

Enno (役) can be translated to "role," "duty," "responsibility," etc. When combined with the kanji of Tsuina's first name, 追儺, which means "the ceremony of driving out evil spirits", her full name can be translated to "the duty of driving out evil spirits," which is the basis of her character.

Her name is rendered in kana as "ツイナチャン".[5]


Kisaragi Tsuina is a petite fourteen-year-old girl with long pale pink twindrills. A curly ahoge sits atop her head. Her oni barrette is made to look like Dickson, her ogre mask. Tsuina has bright yellowish-brown eyes. For her Simple (also known as Diva) outfit, she wears a black and red sleeveless shirt with a white sailor collar tied with a red kerchief. The front of her top is lined with gold buttons. Around her waist is a white obi tied to the side with a pink obijime. She wears black detached sleeves with red feathery fringe. Her skirt is short and black. The pleats in the skirt are a crimson color. Two blush colored bars glow on the skirt’s hem. She has two different sock lengths: the right being a knee-sock, and the left being an over the knee sock. Her Zori are black with pink straps.

In her Standard design, the outfit is near identical to her Diva design except for the addition of detached black and red sleeves, that begin thin from the top, then greatly widens at the end, and the sheer pink fringe at the hem of her skirt. In her AI design, the obijime and zori straps are red and she wears an orange karaginu instead of the detachable sleeves.


  • Dickson (ディクソン) - The four-eyed gigaku mask on her head. He is described as "quiet and a nice guy".[6]
  • Kisaragi Hoan (如月宝庵) - Her grandfather. He is a mad scientist and a priest.[7]
  • Hinomoto Oniko (日本鬼子) - Ogre and her rival
  • Enno Odzuna (役小角奈) - Recognized alongside her at the Kisshousouji Temple
  • Takato Saki (高遠 咲) - Known as Saki-chan (咲ちゃん), is Tsuina-chan's friend and daughter of Tamamo-no-Mae.[8] She is a keeper of a magic stone, the Sessho-seki and is one of the heroines in Tsuina-chan's story.[9][10]
  • Mahitotsu Oni (目一つ鬼) - The greatest enemy in the story of Tsuina-chan, who has manipulated the history of Japan from the shadows.[11]
  • Zenki (前鬼) & Goki (後鬼) - orignally referred to as Wai (わい) & Wate (わて) - Tsuina-chan's shikigami, the front and back demons (後鬼). A pair of demons originally of a married couple who serve as Tsuina-chan's companions.[12][13]
  • Kotaro Kobayashi (小林小太郎) - Saki and Tsuina-chan's childhood friend.[14]

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Tsuina-chan has an official MMD model and Live2D/Facerig data available on AHS' VOICEROID omake page available here.

Pre-orders for additional Tsuina-chan voice recordings known as pitagoe (ぴた声) began on August 26, 2021.[15]

Commercials for Tsuina-chan's Synthesizer V voice databases were presented in December 2021.[16]


Tsuina-chan's character status
  • First Synthesizer V from Tsuina, the Ogre Hunter Project
  • First female Synthesizer V from Tsuina, the Ogre Hunter Project
  • First singing voice library overall from Tsuina, the Ogre Hunter Project


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