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VOLOR (Volor聲妍社) is the brand and title name for Synthesizer V and Synthesizer V Studio vocals created and distributed by the company Animen. Currently there are four vocals released under this title: Eleanor Forte, Yamine Renri, GENBU, and AiKO.


An official twitter account for VOLOR was created in July 2020 and acts as a source for news, product releases and events. [1]

In May 2021, VOLOR authorized the usage of GENBU's character to a doujin group known as VirVox Project who has given him a new name and plans to release character-themed goods and merchandise.


On June 18, 2021 VOLOR announced that a new website is in production and noted that details of a new promotion were to be revealed the following day.[2] This was revealed to be a new membership program known as "VOLOR GOLD".[3]. VOLOR GOLD would offer members limited bundles and discount campaigns, and members-only limited items such as the "Synthesizer V Studio Yamine Renri" product serial code.[4] In a following tweet, VOLOR also noted that they would be loosening the profit restrictions on VOLOR's Synthesizer V products, and VOLOR GOLD members would be given permission to profit from derivative works using VOLOR characters.[5] The state of Synthesizer V Studio Yamine Renri's guidelines were also noted to be being discussed with her voice provider.[6]

Voice Databases[]

Synthesizer V[]

Synthesizer V Studio[]

Voice databases distributed by VOLOR, but developed by other companies.

Synthesizer V AI[]

Voice databases distributed or formerly distributed by VOLOR, but developed by other companies.

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