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VirVox Project (VirVoxプロジェクト) is a small doujin circle focused on the marketing and development of male vocal synthesis characters.


Operating under the direction of VOLOR[1] in May 2021, VirVox Project began its first collaboration with the Synthesizer V vocal GENBU, providing him a new name (now known as Kurono Takehiro "玄野武宏") for use in the project. VirVox plans to develop male voice synthesis characters[2] and with permission from VOLOR, VirVox hopes to provide various character-related merchandise such as badges, keychains, 3D models,[3] and even physical copies of software such as GENBU. [4]

On May 5, VirVox Project released the full artwork previously used by AH-Software Co. Ltd. on their product page for GENBU.[5]

Official profiles for all four characters were revealed on the VirVox Project website on June 18,[6] and a survey was conducted inquiring fans about merchandise, voice materials, and requests for future projects.[7][8] All four of the characters have acrylic figures available for purchase on the Japanese doujin marketplace BOOTH.[9]

On November 26, VirVox Project opened a new official website that covers each of their characters, terms of use, news, and promotional uploads.[10] The website also hinted the addition of two more characters, with one of them having a full silhouette teased on the website itself.


Synthesizer V Characters[]

Kurono Takehiro[]

Kurono Takehiro (玄野武宏) also known as GENBU (ゲンブ) is the first character revealed from VirVox Project.[11] He is represented by the color green.[12] VirVox Project released a text-to-speech voice for him using the software TALQu, along with a bundle of exVOICE samples and variations on his standing art.[13]

GENBU VirVox Project.jpg VirVox SynthV Genbu.png
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 66kg
  • Birthday: December 24th
  • Age: Around his 20s
  • CV: Gallo
  • Quote:

When you say that to my face I actually get kinda embarassed...
... Well, I don't feel bad about it though.

Other Characters[14][]

Shirakami Kotarou[]

Shirakami Kotarou (白上虎太郎) also known as Byakko (ビャッコ) is the second character revealed from VirVox Project. He is stated to be in his late teens and looks younger than he actually is.[15] He is represented by the colors white/grey[16] and yellow.[17] A set of vocal samples labelled as "exVOICE" was released for him, along with variations of his standing art.[18] His voice provider, kawaios, was not revealed until January 23, 2022.[19]

Shirakami Kotarou VirVox Project.jpg
  • Height: 146cm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Birthday: Born in Autumn
  • Age: 18
  • CV: kawaios
  • Quote:

I'm Shirakami Kotarou.
I might look younger than I am but I'm a handsome high-teen!
Huh? What's a "high-teen"...? Uh.. Well, anyway, it means I'm lively! Nice to meet you!

Aoyama Ryuusei[]

Aoyama Ryuusei (青山龍星) also known as Seiryuu (セイリュウ) is the third character revealed from VirVox Project. [20] He is represented by the color blue.[21] A set of vocal samples labelled as "exVOICE" were released for him on December 10, 2021.[22] Due to reports that the eye color for Ryuusei and Sourin were difficult to understand, it was added to their profiles.[23]

Aoyama Ryuusei VirVox Project.jpg

Aoyama Ryuusei. That's my name. there anything else? No, sorry. Unfortunately nothing in particular.

Wakamatsu Akashi[]

Wakamatsu Akashi (雀松朱司) also known as Suzaku (スザク) is the fourth character revealed from VirVox Project. [26] He is represented by the color red.[27] On January 24, 2022, VirVox Project announced a delay in Akashi's voice and standing art due to the busy schedule of the voice provider,[28] who was later revealed to be Kokuri Raku on July 17 when Akashi's "exVOICE" voice samples were released.[29]

Wakamatsu Akashi VirVox Project.jpg
  • Height: 182cm
  • Weight: 94kg
  • Birthday: Born in Summer
  • Age: 26
  • CV: Kokuri Raku
  • Quote:

Nice to meet you. My name is Wakamatsu Akashi.
Umm... Wakamatsu is written with "sparrow (雀)" and "pine (松)".
Akashi is written as in "to govern vermillion (朱色を司る)"... that's how it's read, I'd be glad if you could remember it.

Kigashima Sourin[]

Kigashima Sourin (麒ヶ島 宗麟) also known as Kirin (キリン) is the fifth character fully revealed from VirVox Project. [30]

Sourin was initially introduced as an unknown sixth character that was hinted on the drop-down menu of VirVox Project's character list on their website, but no webpage or other information was available at the time. On January 24, 2022, his silhouette and quote were revealed along with his official webpage.[31][32] Voice material, standing art, and CoeFont were to be expected in the near future.[33] Sourin was revealed prior to the unknown "5th" character on January 25.[34] He was originally meant to be revealed in May 2021, but VirVox Project could not find a good voice provider to suit him, thus abandoning the plan. The group was later introduced to someone with a good voice in late 2021, and after much negotiation, they were able to complete Sourin.[35] His CoeFont was released on the same day.[36] Due to reports that the eye color for Sourin and Ryuusei were difficult to understand, it was added to their profiles.

A set of vocal samples labelled as "exVOICE" and his standing images were scheduled to release on February 19, 2022.[37]

Kigashima sourin.png
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 79kg
  • Age: Unknown (50s?)
  • Eye color: Gray (#a8a3a1)
  • CV: LeoBlack[38]
  • Quote:

Well, I just happened to be passing by. I thought I'd take a look at the boys' faces.

Yaay~! A Super Idol ☆ (Temporarily) Appears! ...Why, isn't that how it's done now?


Takuto is expected to be the sixth character to be fully revealed by VirVox Project.

Takuto was introduced as an unknown fifth character that was shown as a silhouette on VirVox Project's website.[39] Small parts of his design were teased in a height comparison illustration of the cast.[40] On April 22, 2022, VirVox project tweeted that Shiki Rowen's exVOICE files mentioned the names of the VirVox Project characters, including the unknown male, confirming it to be "Takuto".[41] He wa also included in Shiki Taigen's exVOICE files as "Takuto-kun".[42]

Virvox unknown 5.png
  • Height: ???cm
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Age: ??
  • Birthday: ???
  • CV: ???


For more illustrations related to VirVox Project's non-Synthesizer V characters, see VirVox Project/Gallery.


  • The circle name "VirVox" is of Latin descent: Vir (from viri, "man") and Vox (from vocis, "voice"). Vir was also noted to be a portmanteau of the word virtualis/e (virtual).[43]
  • The initial four characters appear to be inspired by the Shijin (Four Guardians), sacred beasts of Chinese mythology said to rule over the four cardinal directions of heaven, with each having a representative color, animal and season.
    • Kurono Takehiro - Black Tortoise, Winter
    • Shirakami Kotarou - White Tiger, Autumn
    • Aoyama Ryuusei - Azure Dragon, Spring
    • Wakamatsu Akashi - Vermillion Bird, Summer
  • Aoyama Ryuusei's birthday was originally listed as "Born in Spring", but was changed to April 22 to coincide with his A.I.VOICE announcement.[44]

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  24. Ryuusei's birthday was originally listed as "Born in Spring". This was since changed to a solid date.