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Yamine Renri (闇音レンリ) is a Japanese vocal developed by Dreamtonics Co., Ltd. and distributed by VOLOR, and was released in November 2018 for the first Synthesizer V engine. She was originally released for the UTAU engine in September 2014, then later became the first Japanese Synthesizer V voice database to be publicly available.

Renri was made available as a Standard voice database for Synthesizer V Studio in October 2021.[1]

Her voice provider is Yuzuri, a Japanese singer and her creator.


Renri was noted to like the moon, stars, and clothing with lots of frills and laces.

Taken from many VOCALOID characters, Renri doesn't have an established personality. This was set to prevent limitations to canon information and encourage producers to create more diverse art. However, this can cause confusion between fans, like it had with VOCALOID before.


Her surname is consisted of the kanji characters "闇" ("yami"), meaning "dark", and "音" ("ne"), meaning "sound". As a whole, her surname translates to "the sound of darkness". Her given name "レンリ" ("renri") means "trees with entwined branches" ("連理").


Renri has two main attires: a summer outfit and a winter outfit. Her star bracelet is her signature item. She has long, fluffy pink hair with an ahoge and turquoise blue eyes. The winter outfit was used for Synthesizer V and as an optional design to use for Synthesizer V Studio as it was present in her files.

The summer outfit was her initial UTAU outfit, but was also used for Synthesizer V Studio as seen in the database's files. Synthesizer V Studio's singer icon also uses the summer design.

Voice Libraries[]

  • Yamine Renri (UTAU), September 28, 2014
    • Ver 1.5 NORMAL (UTAU), September 28, 2015
    • CLEAR, WHISPER, EDGE (UTAU), September 28, 2015
  • Yamine Renri (Synthesizer V), November 11, 2018
  • Yamine Renri Standard (Synthesizer V Studio), October 13, 2021

Additional Information[]


Yamine Renri is a special case within VOLOR's line-up as she is co-managed by her creator and voicer, Yuzuri. She had different licensing agreements, thus needing specific negotiations and any decisions with Renri would need to be agreed upon by the two parties.


Yamine Renri's character status
Yamine Renri's voicebanks were generally perceived to be good and tonally unique within the UTAU fandom. As for her Synthesizer V voice database, it had seen much usage as one of the two released Japanese vocals, the other being GENBU, for the software prior to the Synthesizer V Studio launch.


Yamine Renri was initially introduced and released as an UTAU character in September 2014. She had dedicated fans and was regarded as a well-known Japanese UTAU. Renri was also known to have a large number of original songs, which is considered a great achievement among UTAU vocalists.

Like with the other free Synthesizer V voice databases, Renri was easily accessible for users, making her a vocal readily available for any beginner. As the only Japanese female voice database released for the first Synthesizer V engine, this put her at an advantage for receiving usage from early users. Her Synthesizer V Studio Standard voice database was also made available for free, making this version easily accessible as well.

As VOLOR assists in managing Renri's Synthesizer V releases, they noted that she was regarded as special within the lineup and that they also deeply respected her.[2]

The first song featuring Renri's Synthesizer V voice database to reach 1 million views was a cover of "Kimi wa Bara Yori Utsukushii" created by GrogTony, which occurred on May 31, 2020.[3]

  • First Japanese voice database to be released.
  • First female Japanese voice database to be released.
  • First UTAU character to be released on Synthesizer V.
  • First Japanese UTAU character to be released on Synthesizer V.
  • Last Synthesizer V voice database to be updated to Synthesizer V Studio.