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This article is about the Synthesizer V Studio software known as a voice database. If you are looking for the Synthesizer V character then click here.



On July 9, 2020, VOLOR confirmed through email that Yamine Renri's update was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they confirmed that they were thinking about giving her a Chinese voice database due to her voice provider studying it.[1]

On July 31, VOLOR's official twitter account tweeted that Renri's update is planned, but due to Dreamtonics Co., Ltd. working on too many projects at the moment, there was a need to postpone Renri's update. However, they announced that she would receive both a "Full" and "Lite" version.[2]


Further details about Renri were revealed on June 17, 2021.[3] VOLOR noted that they deeply respected Renri and regretted that they could not release a voice database around the time Synthesizer V Studio became available.[4] They announced that Renri would be releasing as a free Standard voice database by September 28, which would be using the same material as the Synthesizer V version.[5][6] This decision was made due to the need of focusing on Eleanor Forte's AI voice database, but VOLOR would be considering Renri's situation more in the future.[7]

On July 22, Renri's licensing terms were modified and Yuzuri made this announcement on Twitter the following day.[8] VOLOR confirmed that these changes were also applicable to her Synthesizer V voice databases regardless of which version.[9]

On September 28, VOLOR announced that registration for Renri's update was open. By completing a form, users would receive a free-to-use serial number once the voice database was released. Work for Renri was still ongoing at the time and needed about one week for completion. The serial codes were planned to be distributed on October 15.[10][11]

On October 13, it was announced that Renri's database was completed, thus prompting VOLOR to release her two days earlier than expected. It was also revealed that for Synthesizer V Studio, she was mainly represented by her summer outfit, which was notable for representing her UTAU design. The winter design was still available in her files for use.[12]

After Renri's Standard release, a user reached out to VOLOR regarding the previously mentioned Lite version from 2020. VOLOR noted that creating a Lite voice database may be more difficult as Renri already had very few voices in the Synthesizer V editions compared to her full UTAU voicebanks, therefore, rendering a monopitch voice database would make her harder to use.[13] Renri was also a very special case compared to the other VOLOR releases due to her joint ownership and different licensing agreements, thus needing specific negotiations. At the time of announcement, it was thought that Renri's R2 was nothing more than Lite, even if it needed to be registered. Renri's Lite version was officially considered cancelled upon the Standard release.[14]

Voice Database Information[]


There were no demonstrations of Yamine Renri for Synthesizer V Studio.

Voice Databases[]

Product Information
  Pitch Group: N_D4, N_A3, C_D4, W_D4

  Lite Version Available?: No  Starter Pack Available?: No  Web Version Available?: No

Package details as noted:
Yamine Renri's Synthesizer V Studio Standard voice database was confirmed to be using the same material as her original Synthesizer V version.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • This voice database is a straight port of Renri's Synthesizer V version, which in turn, was a port of her UTAU voicebank as well.
  • Like her previous Synthesizer V version, Renri's sub-libraries are consisted of her three UTAU voicebanks: NORMAL, CLEAR, and WHISPER. This did not include her EDGE voicebank.

Phonetic notes as noted:
Phoneme format: Romaji

License agreements as noted:

Voice database sample